Justice Served Up Yukonslavia-Style -
The Shameful Conspiracy Behind
the Allen Carlos Trilogy

by Jane Gaffin


In this amazing piece of work, Jane Gaffin documents the entire conspiracy and disgusting conduct of our so-called "public servants" as they systematically tried to destroy one man's life.


Because they didn't like him. Or what he said. Or how he said it.

Not that anything he said was illegal. Far from it.

In a free society, one has the right to freedom of speech. This case proves what many of us have known for some time: Canada is NOT a free country. Oh sure, we have the illusion of democracy. Once every 4 or 5 years, the dictator in Ottawa lets us vote him back into power. But is that true democracy? I think not.

Read the entire manuscript and see for yourself how the government abused its power and authority to silence one man. Because they didn't like what he said. Or the way he said it. And you will be as disgusted as I am with this country.

NOTE: This document is posted online with the full knowledge, permission and support of Jane Gaffin (jane@diarmani.com). Her desire is for this document to be circulated far and wide, read by each and every Canadian, gun-owner or not. For if the government can say our guns are evil today, what will tomorrow's evil be? Your cell phone? Your computer? Your vehicle?

Here, in Jane's words, is what this is about:

The Yukon is the Petri-dish experiment that will provide you with an insight into how the Liberal government has dismantled industry and the Justice system as well as destroyed your liberties and freedoms by dictating what you can and cannot own as personal possessions and what you can and cannot say if the government deems it to be politically incorrect.

I welcome feedback. Malicious prosecution brought on by a bogus application for a search warrant that was appended with false "affidavits" and lies for witness statements should have gone out of vogue with the Nazis and Stalin's Russia in the 1930s. It should never have happened to Allen Carlos in Canada in 2000. To make sure it never again happens to anybody else, what are you as an individual going to do to help assist in protecting our precious freedom?

After you read my book, you may want to consider revolution.

Happy reading,

Jane Gaffin

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